Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an account to make a purchase?

Yes, you need an account to shop at Haze Studio. Creating an account will help you keep track of your order history.

How do I create an account on Haze Studio?

Sign up for a free Haze Studio account by visiting https://hazestudiominiatures.com/ and clicking on the account icon in the upper left corner, then click "Create Account".

How do I reset my password?

If you're already logged in and just want to change your profile password, log out, then select "Forgot your password?" to generate a link to your email address to change your password.

What does "Pre-Order" mean?

A pre-order is the possibility to purchase a product before its official sale. The shipment will start immediately after its official release. Purchasing during the pre-order period guarantees that you will receive a copy of the product.


What does "Sold Out" mean?

When "Sold Out" appears on a product, it means that stocks have run out in the warehouse and therefore the product is temporarily unavailable in the shop. As soon as there are new stocks it will be possible to buy the product again.

The only exception are limited edition products, those will not be produced again so once they are finished it will no longer be possible to purchase them.

What are your miniatures made of?

We manufacture most of our miniatures with photopolymer resin, while others are produced with casted resin.


Do your miniatures need to be assembled and cleaned?

Yes, our miniatures need to be assembled and need minimal cleaning: minor sanding, cutting and/or gap-filling. Some larger miniatures may be hollow, with a drainage hole from production that may need to be filled with hobby-filling material (greenstuff, putty, etc.) These drainage holes ensure proper cleaning internally.


How does shipping work and how much does it cost?

The order will be shipped within 2/3 working days.

 Shipping is calculated at checkout. Upon reaching 100€, shipping costs are free.